We’ve spoken to many brides and grooms over the years, and we’ve found that some people have a really clear idea about how they would like the music to go on their big day.  But, sometimes people know the sound they want, but are a bit confused about the details.  That’s ok!  Your wedding music supplier is here to help.  Here are some questions to ask them:

What do you wear?”  This is important because it can help set the tone of your day if the musicians performing are dressed in the same style as your wedding.  Often, musicians will have several options.  For instance, we can wear wedding-guest attire (suit for men, smart dress/trousers for the ladies), or we can dress in all black for a more glamorous, sophisticated look.  It’s worth asking your music supplier if they have different dress options.

Do I have to pick all the songs myself/ Do I get a choice over the music?”  This is a very important question to ask!  Make sure your supplier can perform your favourite wedding songs before booking; if they don’t already have the music you want they should be able to arrange (write it out) it for you.  But, equally you shouldn’t feel like you should have to pick every song yourself if you don’t want to, that can be stressful too!  Ask if you can suggest some songs you definitely want, your musicians should then be able to pick similar songs and music to fit in with the atmosphere.

Can you suggest songs for my ceremony?”  Any good wedding musician should be familiar with what works well for different parts of your ceremony.  If you’re feeling a bit confused about ceremony music, ask your musicians what they would suggest.  You might get cool suggestions that are unique to them.  For instance, if we are asked for Bridal Entrance ideas, we like to suggest The Swan, a beautiful piece of music written just for the cello.

Where will you sit?”  Ask if the musicians have been to your venue before, they may well have a good idea of what works.  If they haven’t visited the venue, ask them roughly how much space they will need.  For instance, we need around a 3mx2m space to play!  It’s worth checking this as although many musicians will squeeze into tiny spaces, the music may not sound as good as it would if they had enough room to play.

What do you normally provide music for?”  This is important to know, so that you get all the music you are expecting.  For instance, we provide music for before the ceremony, bridal entrance, signing of the register and exit, as well as any other pieces you may need.  However, we sometimes have to say no to providing music for hymns depending on the size of the congregation, as we aren’t loud enough to support more than about 40 people singing unless a microphone is provided.  It’s important that you know what your musician is able to do so that you can arrange your day exactly as you want it.

Have any questions about things to ask your wedding music supplier?  Let me know in the comments!  And if you’re looking for live string music for your day in the UK and Ireland, take a look at our site!