Hello everybody, and welcome to our cello wedding music blog!  Hopefully you’ve had a little look around our site and seen what we’re up to, but if not, here’s a snapshot: we’re a cello duo providing music for weddings in the UK and Ireland.  We focus mainly on the North West of England and Northern Ireland, but if you’re further afield don’t let that stop you from getting your cello fix!  Recent engagements for us have included the Isle of Wight and Westport, Co. Mayo – we travel!

We specialise in high quality, professional string music.  If you click HERE you can hear us in action.  We have a varied song list, from classical to computer game themes; jazz to heavy rock.  And, we know what we are doing – we’ve been around on the wedding music scene for the best part of a decade now.

Here’s who we are:


This is me.  I’m Cecily, and I’m married to that lovely looking chap down there.  Yes, we had cello music at our wedding; our friend Tom played some Bach as I walked down the aisle!  You’ll find me at the other end of the line of this blog, and on Facebook and Twitter.  When I’m not running and performing with The Cellists I work as a musician in healthcare and education settings, as well as performing with Dark Inventions.  I also love knitting and sewing!  Favourite wedding tune: The Swan.

This is Andrew.  He’s the other half of the outfit, and he’s who you normally find on the end of any emails you might send to us!  Andrew does the majority of our music arrangements, takes couples through the booking process and generally makes sure we’re organised!  When he’s not running and performing with The Cellists, he regularly plays as an Extra with the Ulster Orchestra, and teaches the cello privately and in schools.  He’s also a very keen gardener!  Favourite wedding tune: Here, There and Everywhere.

More wedding music posts to follow, any questions just leave us a comment or get in touch with us via our contact page.